He wants, She wants

He wants, She wants

 Every man desires his wife to be the proverbial proverbs 31 woman whose worth is far more than rubies, one he can trust, who does him good, one who is wise, strong, multi talented, hardworking, non nagging etc. In a nut shell they want a virtuous woman. When a wife is disobedient, those familiar with the story of Esther and queen Vashti would subtly threaten their wives by referring to how queen Vashti was dethroned due to disobedience and Esther took over. In order words they want an obedient wife.

On the flip side, asides the prince’s in the fairy tale movies, women also have needs. The want men with some Boaz anointing spiced up with some TLC (Tender loving Care). By Boaz anointing I mean a man who first loves God, love, cares, provides for and protects his wife. (For more on Boaz you can Google the story on Ruth and Boaz)

A woman actually needs a man who can bring out the best in her. At this point I can hear the ladies cheering, bringing down the house with their whistles but taking care of you or bringing out the best in you does not necessarily mean filling up your make up stash, a closet filled with clothes or lots of food in the refrigerator. All these in themselves are good but I want you to know that a man with the Boaz anointing on him nurtures and cultivates you in order to bring out the best in you.

Note: The nurturing process might not always feel good but it’s necessary to bring out the best in you. For those who can talk to roses ask them why they look so good? Well they do because they have a good caretaker who has learnt how to take care of them. A caretaker who fertilizes their soil, water’s them and prunes them as the case may be. Men am not saying beat up or bully your wives and then turn around to buy them diamond bracelets. Godly wisdom is profitable to direct.

Dealing with women can get quite complicated, there are general rules e.g. (love your wife) and there are specific rules which stem from the fact that what works for lady A may not necessarily work for lady B. In order to get this right you would most likely have to get it right with God first and get enrolled in the course on how to get treatment combo for the particular lady you’re dealing with. I assure you if the woman wasn’t the proverbial proverbs 31 woman when you started in the end she would turn out to be one.

Things to note:

  • When a man wants a woman whose price is worth more than rubies, he should ask himself if he can take care of and maintain this ruby.
  • Rubies are meant to have good quality, class etc. the question is, are you going to be intimidated by this ruby? If you are please change your direction, hit the highway or leave the ruby alone.
  • You want a woman you can trust but are you trust worthy. Do you have challenges keeping pants/trousers up? This goes for the ladies too.
  • You want a wise woman but do you let your ego get in the way of her wise counsel? If she isn’t wise enough, you shouldn’t have married her in the first place.
  • Multiple talents and hard work multiply in a Godly, peaceful, loving and supportive environment.

For the women so you are sad that you married husband who has no form of Boaz anointing on him not to talk about a little TLC on the side. Do not be discouraged. Keep on working on being the best proverbs 31 woman that you can be. I’ll tell you a short story. There was this king from Persia who needed a wife so he sent for all the fair maidens in the land to be groomed for a period and then brought to him one after the other so that he could pick out his queen. These fair ladies were given the full spa treatment, groomed and had their individual makeovers, they were presented to the king one after the other. Esther wasn’t the first lady to go to the king but she found favor in the eyes of the king and became the queen because she found favor with God and God had a plan for her. For the real version of the story take a look at the book of Esther in the bible.

There maybe many things vying for your husbands love and attention like the ladies seeking the kings attention but keep on having fun while transforming yourself to the woman you ought to be at the proverbs 31 spa and one day God will cause your king to change his focus to you.

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3 Responses to He wants, She wants

  1. Isaac O'God says:

    Nice one.Great message for everyone.
    Work on improving yourself,and you’ll see that everything will fall in place.
    Nice style of writing,and indeed embedded with so much truth.
    I like the end also.
    Great work Sarah,may God keep inspiring you to write more…

  2. A nice read. A brilliant style of writing. Rich in content. Balanced and unbiased. Some hard truths. Most importantly, scripture based. Worth my time. Welldone “Jaelash”

  3. Courage Nsirimovu says:

    This is the real deal handed over to us to help to mend to save and to keep love. truth as it is. Keep writing and we will sure keep reading and doing cos its word based. Thankyou…. am a fan….

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