Our Little Intern’s

When a Child is born, the child begins a journey to becoming whom God has created him/her to be. A child is born to parents whom God has entrusted with the mandate to train or prepare them for the future.

The Bible say’s “train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). This scripture defines internship.

Based on the scripture above I would like to deduce that the role of a kid in the family is that of an INTERN.

An Intern is someone who undergoes training in a specific area of concentration for a period of time in order to gain some experience.

Most of the time when this scripture is quoted, we think about raising well-disciplined kids, we make sure they get some Jesus in their lives by exposing them to godly things. We send them to the best schools that we can afford in order to secure a better future . We generally make sure that they are actively involved in things that would foster growth and success.

However we should not fail to understand that in as much as we get our kids engaged in diverse forms of active training, they also learn passively.

All parents have been given the heavenly mandate to mentor their kids knowing fully well that whatever they learn during their internship is what they are going to take into the world.

Ideally, if they are sent to school to study medicine, when they are done with the active medical training they should practice medicine.

Likewise if they spend their internship period watching their parents fight, yell, curse, treat people with disregard or treat people nicely the kids would most likely do the same thing when the training period is over.

As Parents we are custodians of our kids and the bible says “kids are the heritage from the lord” (Psalms 127:3a)

When God gives us an inheritance he expects us to enjoy, nurture, cultivate, yield good fruits for a day will come when we will be held accountable for what we did with the inheritance that was handed over to us. The giver of the Kid will show up one day as an auditor asking for what we did with the talent that was handed over to us.

Predominantly as a mum, things could be very rough trying to joggle my busy schedule so most of the time I am just tempted to go through the motions not really paying apt attention to my interns don’t get me wrong I cook, clean, do whatever I need to do but with my new outlook on my responsibility to my kids I have decided to pay attention to every detail.

Let’s face it the kids are interns and once their time is up they’ll get married, get independent and leave house and guess what? They are going to live out everything they learnt both actively and passively.

Let’s make up our mind not to send out half-baked kids into the world and have them groomed properly. No cutting corners!

At the end of the day you will be glad that you have stable and well-grounded kids …….The society needs lots of these.

Finally when God comes knocking on your door asking what you did with the gift he gave you? You would gladly say I multiplied the gift because your kids will be out there affecting and changing lives one at a time.


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  1. Uzoma says:

    Well said! Training up a child is way beyond academic training and it is in a positive home atmosphere that the right character foundation can be set in place to carry the rest of what they will become…
    I’m grateful my parents gave me much more than academics.

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