Jaelash is a blog that has been set up to reach out to the married, singles or those who intend to get married in the future.

At Jaelash we believe that no marriage is beyond repairs and also it’s still possible in our day and time to have a happy, blessed and prosperous marriage or relationship. Healthy relationships that people all over the world would want to emulate one devoid of pretense.

Jaelash uses Godly principles to build strong and healthy marriages and relationships one step at a time.Whenever I think about health and fruitful marriages I see a society full of happy people and devoid of violence and much pain. At jaelash, we teach you how to work on your relationships and marriages. Jaelash has forums were we attend to your personal questions, we also write periodical Articles for you to read. Please feel free to read and make comments, ask questions on any area of the Article(s) that need more clarification also feel free to repost what you read here.

We also offer personal counseling sessions free of charge just send us an email telling us what the issue is and we would take it from there.

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