Fortune 500 Marriage

Fortune 500 Marriage

 You are probably wondering what fortune 500 has got to do with marriage or relationships. Well this post is so titled because most readers will be able to relate such companies to relationships based on the illustrations that follow.

Everyone will like to own the next big thing. Most people ride on the success stories of mega companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc. For those that are not familiar with these stories here is a brief recap.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation is known to be one of the richest men in the world. Microsoft is known worldwide as one of the most recognized brands in the computing Industry. Bill gates dropped out of school to set up his company with the aim of placing computers on all office desks and homes. However from the company’s inception, Bill gates and Microsoft have been in and out of court houses due to his ambitious and aggressive business strategies.

Steve Jobs; popularly known as one of the founders of Apple Inc, dropped out from college,  started a company with his friend, was kicked out/voted off his company by the  board of directors.

Zuckerberg turned down several offers by major corporations to sell Facebook. His reason being that facebook wasn’t all about the money but about making the world open by enhancing free flow of information.

In a nutshell all these great companies had their own fair share of challenges and temptations but one key thing associated with these three companies is that they each had a clear cut VISION, PASSION and an UNSHAKABLE WILL to see their desires come to pass.

All marriages like these companies have their own fair share of heat. Marriages like Microsoft can be successful but occasional ups and downs are to be expected in terms of difference in opinions, arguments, anger etc. All these are bound to happen and the fact that these issues crop up does not mean that you have a failed marriage rather certain things might need to be worked on.

Also issues in marriages can escalate to the point where it looks like the only way for peace to reign is by getting a divorce. You may also be in a situation where another person is about to or has even replaced you in the life of your spouse. In other words you aare about to be kicked out of your home. A situation like this isn’t when you start turning on the blame game. The blame game up till this point hasn’t worked in your favor anyway. A situation such as this calls for a self-assessment. Some people would go for marriage counseling, visit soothsayers, read all the marriage books, and talk to friends. But what will you do when you’ve done all you can and still nothing changes. You turn to God.

Let’s take another scenario where you get married and things are not working out well in fact your marriage has lost its spark and a knight in SHINNING armor  shows up with a tight Resume(lots of money, sensual looking, fame etc.), and you are tempted to ditch your spouse because it looks like they’ve got something better to offer remember all that glitter’s is not gold.

Finally the word “Fortune 500” is synonymous to greatness, success. It’s something everyone desires to have or be associated with. Right now there might be nothing fortune fivehundred-ish (excuse my grammar) about your situation. Have faith, believe in God and let him guide you into victory. The bible says those who are led of God are the sons of God and no good father would give his son a snake when the son asks for a fish. God is willing to give you the Fortune 500 marriage if you desire it. His conditions are

  • Be willing
  • Be obedient

And you will eat the good of the land in other words you will have your fortune 500 marriage.

Copyright @ Jaelash April 2012


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  1. Isaac O'God says:

    ‘Fortune 500’ another work from the stables of Jaelash!
    Inciteful,and factful.This is really beautiful.
    We see your work get better by the day.
    You deserve a Nobel prize!
    Blaze on Sis. God’s with you…

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