A little comic relief

A little comic relief wouldn’t harm anyone

I know this is supposed to be a post about relationships and marriages but I guess a little comic relief wouldn’t harm anyone. Below is a conversation that transpired between my four year old kid Elle and her dad.



Day 1

ELLE: Dad can I have a snack
DAD: You get breakfast at school, you can have some when u get back.
ELLE: But I’m not the one who wants it my tummy says it wants it.
DAD: Tell your tummy it can have it when it gets back from school.
ELLE: but daddy my tummy has no ears so it can’t hear me.
DAD: does it have a mouth?
ELLE: daddy that’s funny, of course not.

DAD: then it can’t eat cos it doesn’t have a mouth can it?


ELLE: Daddy my tummy wants some snack.
DAD: but how did it tell u, it has no mouth? Remember?
ELLE: uhmmmm… Sign language?
DAD: Wow! But how will it eat?
ELLE: The tummy was sick yesterday so the doctor took out the mouth, ears and eyes but the tummy is now ok and the doctor put it back.
DAD: Laughs and let’s the tummy have its way.

Copyright @ Jaelash April 2012


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  2. Jules says:

    Li’l wow wow. Can’t expect less froom these IT age babies.

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