Recreating your world


I often hear people make statements like they are old enough to get married; they are going to get married when they have a steady source of income blah blah and some more blah. On this particular day I came across a guy who kept on going on and on about how ready he was for marriage.

While I was sitting down and thinking about what to say to him,  I let my imagination run and while i kept pondering on the issue at hand, i came to point where i started to  wonder if he actually knew what he wanted in marriage and if he did, how was he going about getting what he desired after all there were lots of random women out there and marriage spans a life time: going after any random or available woman wouldn’t just cut it.

I knew he said he was old enough, I believe he was financially stable but I kept wondering if being old enough and being financially stable were the only criteria for determining someone’s readiness for marriage.

Don’t get me wrong these are must haves and I wouldn’t expect you to get married to a whining cry baby or get married to a lady and then make her starve in your house.

I knew he had an idea of what marriage was but I kept wondering if he had thought about the specific components that would make up his home.

Had he ever sat down to imagine how the relationship between himself, his wife and kids would be?  Had he thought about the kind of countenance he would want his wife to have, what were his predominant thoughts about his relationship with his wife what did he envision his kids becoming in the future? These questions also apply to the ladies.

Proverbs 23:7 says “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. Our thoughts are so powerful that they create a physical structure in our lives and as you go on in life you come across lots of things and people that would want to identify with you but if these things or people do not fit into the structure you have created, they gravitate or fall away. Likewise, if you get employed in a well structured organization and you can’t conform to the rules and regulations of the organization, there are two things that would most likely happen. You either quit your job or you get fired from the organization. Either way you are out.

For those that feel like they have been rejected or made inferior in their relationships, the thing is, you just don’t fit into the person’s structure. It may either be a good thing or a bad thing it depends on how you choose to see it. There is this quote I love so much “you can’t fix a square peg in a round hole”. At this point I know someone will ask me this question. Why are players very popular with the ladies? The answer is simple. They are popular with them because they have trained themselves to believe that they can get any girl they want.

The key word here is TRAIN. Whenever you want to venture into a new terrain be it marriage, business, etc in as much as you spend more time researching to know the pros and cons of this chosen area, spend ample time meditating on the desired outcome. Remember as a man thinketh in his heart so he becomes and remember even if the negative shows up you have so much positive vibe in you that will be strong enough to knock off the bad.

Finally if you do not tailor your thoughts to suit your hearts’ desires, your life would end up being a dump site for any and everything; be it good or bad. I encourage you to spend time creating or recreating your world with your thoughts or live with the consequences.

Copyright @ Jaelash  June, 2012


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  1. PINI says:


  2. Ornwaz Abi-Bezam says:

    Really true…no one should venture in2 what he/she hasn’t been preapared(trained) for.

  3. Simon-Peter, Okene says:

    God bless you I really enjoyed your article

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